The Original Texas Chili Con Carne

The Original Texas Chili Con Carne

Majority of the world think that “Chili Con Carne” is authentic Mexican fare. That’s actually the wrong perception since it’s really a very classic Texan dish. A true blue bowl of “chili con carne” isn’t supposed to contain tomatoes and beans. The kind of meat that’s to be used with the dish isn’t ground beef but rather some beef chuck that has been diced fine.

Ingredients for this bowl of delicious chili are widely available in all the grocery shops in almost all areas in the US so it wouldn’t be such a problem anymore. This dish is best served together with some cornbread and tortillas (flour or corn).

You’ll need:

3 lbs of beef chuck (boneless); fat trimmed cut in 1/4-inch thick pcs.
2 tbsps of fat drippings from bacon
4 tbsps of powdered chili (dark)
2 tbsps of powdered garlic
1 pc of dried chile (New Mexico)
6 pcs of chiles (Ancho)
2 pcs of chiles (Guajillo)
2 c of water (cold)
3 c of beef stock (unsalted)
2 tbsps of powdered onion
2 cloves of garlic; crushed
2 tsps of cayenne
1.5 tsps of powdered garlic
1 tsp of ground chile (red)
1 tbsp of paprika (hot)
1 tbsp of oregano (dried)
1 tbsp of cumin (ground)
1 (12 oz) bottle of beer
2 tbsps of wine vinegar (red)
4 pcs of fresh chiles (Serrano); seeds off chopped up
2 tbsps of powdered cocoa (unsweetened)
1/2 tsp of hot sauce (Tabasco)
1 tbsp of sugar (brown)
1/4 c of flour (corn – “Masa Harina”)


Get a big heavy saucepot then heat up your bacon fat on medium high levels of heat. Meat should be browned in your pot together with around 2 tbsps of powdered chili and powdered garlic. If you must, cook meat up in smaller batches when needed.

In another saucepan, add in 2 c of water, Guajillos, Ancho New Mexico chiles. Cover the pan then have mixture come to a gentle rolling boil on medium high levels of heat. Lower heat around to low and let mixture simmer out for 20 mins. or ’til it becomes softened. Drain off liquids but keep the water that chiles were cooked in.

Get your food processor then put your chiles inside it together with 4 tbsps of water where they were cooked in. Process ’til mixture turns to this very smooth pasty substance and chili skins can’t be identified anymore.

Add your pureed chilis to your cooked beef then add in 2 c of stock then bring mixture to boiling point on high levels of heat. After it has boiled, lower your heat to around low then allow mixture to simmer slow for around 30 mins.

Stir in remainder of your stock, beer, 2 tbsps of dark powdered chili, oregano, cumin, salt, white pepper, paprika, red chile, cayenne, powdered garlic, crushed up garlic and powdered onion into your pot then bring this mixture to boiling point at high heat and after it has boiled, lower temperature to low then add in Tabasco, sugar, vinegar, chocolate, Serranos and all other chiles too. Cover your pot then let simmer for 40 mins.

In another bowl, combine “masa harina” flour together with 1/2 c of stock ’til no big lumps are found then pour this mixture into your pot. Stir while cooking it uncovered on low heat levels ’til meat gets so tenderized and gravy thickens up (2 hrs.). Occasionally stir mixture up so it doesn’t stick.

When mixture becomes so thick, then add in little amounts of hot water. This can be served right away or store inside the fridge overnight before serving it up. When ready to serve, just reheat inside your microwave. Recipe produces about 6 portions.

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