C.V. Woods World Championship Chili Recipe 2

C.V. Woods World Championship Chili Recipe 2


3 lbs dressed chicken
1 tsp crumbled oregano
4 c of water
1 Tbsp ground cumin
1/2 lb of suet (beef)
1/2 tsp monosodium glutamate
1/2 c celery; chop finely
7 c tomatoes; peel chop
2 tsps of refined sugar
5 lbs of pork chop; cut thinly in center
1 tsp of cilantro
4 lbs of beef (flank steak)
1 tsp of thyme
3 medium-sized onions; sliced in half
3 peppers (green); diced
2 cloves of garlic; minced
1 c beer
1 lb of shredded cheese (jack)
Juice from one lime
6 pcs long green chili


Chop chicken to small pieces, add water and simmer for two hours in a saucepan. Remove chicken pieces then set aside broth.

Combine tomatoes, sugar, celery and then simmer for an hour and a half in a two quart saucepan.

Boil chilies for fifteen minutes until soft. Allow to cool and then slice in quarter squares after removing seeds.

Thoroughly mix all spices in beer til dissolved. Pour in previously cooked tomatoes then add chilies. Add garlic and mix with chicken (broth) that has been set aside.

Prepare six to eight Tbsps of melted suet. Pour one third to a skillet and use to brown half of the pork chop. Do the same for the rest of the pork chop; add these to the broth and slowly cook for thirty minutes.

Trim off fat in the flank steak then cut in cubes (3/8″). Brown this in melted suet by batches and when all is done add these to the pork and chicken (broth) mixture.

Simmer again for about an hour adding the onions, then diced peppers (green). Simmer again for two to three hours more, stirring every fifteen to 20 minutes. Set aside to cool for an hour and place in refrigerator overnight.

When ready to serve, reheat the soup. Sprinkle shredded cheese and then lime squeezed juice before meal is served.

C.V. Woods World Championship Chili Recipe 2