Chili-Spiced Beef & Rice Salad Recipe

Chili-Spiced Beef Rice Salad Recipe


1 lb of sirloin steak (beef top); boneless
2/3 c of rice
1/4 c of walnuts (toasted); chopped coarsely
2 tsp of seasoning mix (spicy)
3 pcs of onions (green); thinly sliced
1 pc orange or apple (medium); cut into pieces


Cook the rice based on directions in the package, dropping 1 teaspoon of seasoning mix into water. This produces approximately two cups.

Then heat a 10″ pan for frying for about 5 mins above medium flame. In the meantime, coat steak with a teaspoon of seasoning and panbroil the steak for 12 to 14 mins above medium flame and turn it once. You may rub salt in it, when desired.

Now, mix the walnuts, onions, fruits as well as rice. Slice steak to 1/4″ thick. Lay rice and beef into a platter. Good for 1 serving.

Chili-Spiced Beef Rice Salad Recipe