Capitol Punishment (Chili) Recipe

Capitol Punishment (Chili) Recipe


4 lbs chuck (extra lean); ground
1 lb chuck (extra lean); cubed to 1/4″ sizes
1 Tbsp oregano; crumbled
2 lbs pork (extra lean); ground
2 Tbsp paprika
2 Tbsp monosodium glutamate
2 large onions; minced
9 Tbsps powdered chili (mildly hot)
10 cloves of garlic; minced
4 Tbsps cumin
4 Tbsps of beef bouillon; instant crushed
1/2 c of oil (Wesson)
1 tsp powdered Mole
1 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp coriander (seeds)
8 oz tomato sauce
2 c of water
24 oz beer (Old Milwaukee)
1 tsp hot sauce (Louisiana Red)
1 Tbsp corn flour (masa harina)
A dash of salt


On a stockpot, put in water then mix (beef) bouillon, cumin, powdered chili, oregano, paprika and beer together. Season with MSG and let it simmer.

On a skillet, fry meat by batches until golden brown, using kidney suet or oil (Wesson). Drain cooked pieces, then add them to the spices simmering on the stockpot.

Continue process til all the meat are on the stockpot with the spices. Saute onion with garlic then add it to the simmering meat and spices.

Put more water if needed, then cook for about two hours. Gradually the Mole, coriander (seeds), hot sauce, sugar along with the tomato sauce and cook for forty-five minutes.

In lukewarm water, dissolve the corn flour, adding in chili and season with salt, in order to create a chili paste.

Capitol Punishment (Chili) Recipe