Midwest Chili Recipe

Midwest Chili Recipe


3 lbs of coaresly ground beef chucks
2 lbs of finely ground beef chucks
2 pcs of onions
5 cl of garlic
1 Tbsp of ground hot red chile
5 Tbsps of ground mild red chile
3 c of water
3 Tbsps of cumin
30 ozs of tomato sauce
3 tsps of salt
56 ozs of whole tomatoes
32 ozs of pinto beans


Saute onions, garlic and meat in a 5 quart pot. Break meat with fork on medium-heat ’til browned evenly. Add in cumin, salt and chile. Mix well.

Add tomato sauce, tomatoes and water. Let mixture boil and reduce heat. Allow to simmer without cover for 1.5 hours.

Mix chili occasionally. Adjust the seasonings and add in beans.

Let it simmer without cover for another half hour. Good for 12 persons.

Midwest Chili Recipe

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