Mayan Chili Recipe

Mayan Chili Recipe


1.5 lbs of ground beef
1 pc of diced green pepper (medium)
4 ozs of diced green chilies; drained
1.5 Tbsps of chili powder
1/4 c of tequila (if desired)
15 ozs of tomato sauce
1 c of water
6 ozs of tomato paste
16 ozs of undrained can of kidney beans
8 ozs of undrained sweet corn
1 tsp of salt (garlic)


Cook meat ’til brown in a large-sized saucepan. Drain the drippings off from pan. Add in water, tequila, paste, tomato sauce, salt, chili. green chilies and green bell pepper.

Let it cook on low-heat for half an hour. Stir chili frequently. Add in corn and beans.

Let it cook for another five minutes ’til corn and beans are completely heated. Good for six persons.

Mayan Chili Recipe

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