How To Propagate Chilies Effectively

How To Propagate Chilies Effectively

Your chili plants are going to need a very early beginning so it can produce the very best harvests that you could get from your plant. Chili plants love the hot weather and this kind of climate is where they grow best in. Because we are living in temperate climate then we need a much longer time for growing our chili plant so they could give us better results.

I usually grow chili plants inside my greenhouse so I can get a better quality produce from my plant I decide to grow and regardless of this advantage, I do begin growing them really early.

Today, I begin my planting this cold morning. There’s about six inches cold snow outside, so I get my plastic trays which can hold my plants then fill them up with some moist compost. 1 seed per plot is advised. Sow seeds in the middle of your compost then place your seeds into a place that is quite warm.

Seeds need about 15 deg. C. for germinating but it’s preferred to have a higher temperature. Around 20-30 deg. C is recommended.

Other chilies like Habaneros could take as much as 1 month before they germinate so prepare yourself for that long wait for it although most chili plant seeds do germinate much quicker. Normally, I place the planted seeds onto my windowsill in the kitchen to start germinating but chilies do need more warmth so I make use of heating pads.

Once germinating process is already under way, lower your heat. By now, I can place plants onto my windowsill and not use those heating pads. After seedlings begin to develop and grow then you’re going to notice that roots have started growing through your tray, then it’s high time for you to transfer seedlings to your small pots.

When transferring chilies to my greenhouse, I take note to always make use of newly bought pots to prevent danger of contamination of plant diseases from the old and used pots. Pots can be recycled but probably not for plants.

Fill up your pots with compost then transfer your seedlings to your pots and keep in mind to hold the leaves of your seeds when transferring so you will prevent the developing chili plants’ stems from being crushed thereby effectively killing it. When growing from plastic trays, it’s easier to transfer your seedlings to their new home – your pots.

Take care not to disturb its roots because if you do, you might be disturbing your plants growth pattern.

If it’s still cold outdoors, then just grow your plants in your windowsill in your kitchen rather than planting them onto the cold ground or inside the greenhouse a bit early because you might kill your plant with the frost

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