How To Prepare The Texas Chili Verde

How To Prepare The Texas Chili Verde

When you’re in the state of Texas, the more up north you’re going along “Rio Grande” river, the closer you get to the border of New Mexico and here there are more green chilis instead of the red ones. This fiery chili dish makes use of green chile, green pepper and some other ingredients to produce this very delicious green gravy.

If you’re not sure of the number of peppers for this recipe then just determine your level of tolerance for the fiery peppers then go with it. If peppers are your thing, then add a lot of them but if wanting a milder dish, then add less.

You’ll Need:

5 lbs of sirloin (top); trim fat and dice them up
5 pcs of onions (medium-sized); chopped
2 c of jar of nopalitos (soft cactus); chopped
1 1/4 tbsp of cumin (ground)
1 tbsp of salt
6-8 pcs of Jalapenos (depending on preference)
1 tbsp of oregano (dried)
1 tbsp of cumin (ground)
5-7 pcs of Serranos (fresh)
10-12 pcs of green chiles (New Mexico); roasted chopped
10-12 pcs of pasillas; roasted chopped
7 c of water
6 pcs of tomatoes (medium-sized); chopped
3 cloves of garlic; minced
1 (12 oz) can of Mexican beer
Corn flour (to thicken)


Get a “Dutch oven” or heavy saucepot then place it on high levels of heat. Next, sear cubed steak ’til they’re browned up even then add in half the onions, garlic, all of your peppers, oregano, salt, cumin and nopalitos. Add half the water then stir mixture really well.

Your mixture should then be brought to boiling point and after it has boiled, cover your pan then continue simmering it for about 2-2.5 hrs.

Take off cover then check on your green chilis and add in remainder of the water, beer, tomatoes, pasillas, New Mexicans and remainder of your onions and continue simmering it again for 30 mins. then stir mixture from time to time.

Check your chili dish if it appears to be quite thin and when it is then form a thickener by mixing together corn flour and water then adding it to your cooking chili. Stir it well. Check consistency and if still a bit thin, then add some more of the flour paste ’til the thickness you want is already achieved.

Serve chili dish while still hot and together with some pinto bean dish as its siding. Enjoy your truly delectable chili dish and for sure, you’re going to be giving hot reviews for it and all of your guests will surely love them too.

This spicy dish will surely become a fiery craze with everyone whom you serve this to. Be sure to have some cold water ready at your side though if things get super hot.

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