Clyde’s Chili Recipe

Clyde’s Chili Recipe


3 Tbsps of oil (cooking)
2 pcs of onions
2 Tbsps of sauce (Worcestershire)
3 lbs of beef; coarsely grind
3 cloves of garlic
4 Tbsps of chile (red, mild); ground
4 Tbsps of chile (red, hot); ground
1 tsp of oregano (pref. Mexican); dried
2 tsps of cumin
2 tsps of salt
15 ozs of sauce (chili)
16 ozs of beans (kidney)


Put oil 5-quart heavy saucepan or Dutch oven above medium flame. Add onions then stir ’til translucent and put in beef. Separate lumps on beef using fork, stir occasionally ’til beef becomes browned on all sides. Mix in garlic as well as Worcestershire then cook three minutes.

Add salt, oregano, cumin and chile then cook five minutes, uncovered. Put in chili (sauce) as well as beans then simmer for an hour, uncovered.

Season to taste as desired. Serves 8.

Clyde’s Chili Recipe

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