Chocolaty Chili Recipe

Chocolaty Chili Recipe


2 Tbsps of oil (vegetable)
1 pc of onion (medium); chopped finely
2 cloves of garlic; chopped finely
1 lb of beef; ground coarsely
1 can of beans (kidney-shaped 16 ozs)
1 can of puree (tomato, 16 ozs)
1 can of paste (tomato, 6 ozs)
1/2 c of chiles (green, whole domestic)
1/2 c of water
1 tsp of cumin
2 Tbsps of chile (red, hot-mild ground)
1 pc of bouillon cube (beef)


Heat oil using skillet on moderate flame then cook garlic as well as onion ’til translucent. Drop meat into skillet then break lumps using fork. Continue the cooking process while stirring often and ’til meat becomes brown evenly on all sides.

Add beans, puree, paste, chile (green), water, chile (ground), bouillon cube and cumin. Mix them together well and boil.

Reduce flame to simmer mixture for 30 minutes while uncovered. Stir from time to time then continue the cooking ’til well-blended, adjusting taste with seasonings.

Chocolaty Chili Recipe

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