Chili Sauce Recipe 4

Chili Sauce Recipe 4


4 qts of peeled tomatoes; cored and chopped
2 c of chopped redbell peppers
1 c of sugar
1 Tbsp of mustard-seed
3 Tbsps of mixed pickled spices
2 c of chopped onions
1 chopped red hot pepper
3 Tbsps of salt
1 Tbsp of celery-seed
2 1/2 c of vinegar


Combine onions, salt, sugar, hot and sweet peppers and tomatoes in large sauce-pot. slowly cook for 45 mins. Have all spices tied in cloth bag then add into tomato-mixture.

Continue cooking ’til mixture’s volume is slowly reduced to half (approx 45 mins). When your mixture thickens, frequently stir to avoid sticking.

Pour in vinegar then slowly cook ’til desired thickness is achieved. Remove the bag full of spices. Pour carefully into heated clean jars at least 1/4″ away the brim.

Seal tightly. Place in rapidly boiling water-bath for 15 mins.

Chili Sauce Recipe 4

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