Chili Relleno (Tofu) Casserole Recipe

Chili Relleno (Tofu) Casserole Recipe


7 oz of whole chilies (green, canned)
14-1/4 oz of tofu (firm)
1-1/2 c of grated cheese (Monterey Jack)
1-1/2 c of grated sharp cheese (Cheddar)
7 oz of chilies (green, canned); diced
12 oz of evaporated milk (canned)
6 pcs of eggs (large)
1 c of salsa


Split the whole chilies lengthwise and remove the seeds. Lay them flat on the base of 13×9 inch ovenproof dish. Pat tofu dry; gently and carefully squeeze to get its moisture.

Get half of tofu and crumble together with Monterey cheese. Combine the other half of tofu with Cheddar cheese then blend thoroughly.

Pot the chilies with layers of Monterey-tofu mixture, Cheddar-tofu mixture and diced chilies. Do the layering again till the chilies and the cheese are gone.

Combine eggs and milk; beat thoroughly and pour above. Spread the salsa on top. Bake, 350 degrees F for forty-five mins.

Chili Relleno (Tofu) Casserole Recipe

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