Chili Recipe 19

Chili Recipe 19


1 pound of meat (ground)
2 cans of beans (red)
1pound of tomatoes (whole)
1 pack of tomato paste (small)
Water (small)
2 tablespoons of chili (powdered)
3 teaspoons of cooking oil
Pinches of pepper (Cayenne)
Pinches of sugar
Chili sauce
Chili stick
1 pc of onion (large); chopped
Seasonings (to taste)


Fry the meat on a skillet ’til it turns brown in color, then add the onion as well as the seasoning. Boil it ‘ til the beef separates well.

Then add in the tomatoes and the sauce. Dissolve the chili (stick) and pour it on the beef. Put the cayenne, powdered chili, salt, pepper and water.

Slowly cook it for an hour and a half hours, then add the beans and cook it for another half an hour. This recipe creates 1 serving portion.

Chili Recipe 19

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