Chili Mac’n Cheddar Recipe

Chili Mac ‘n Cheddar Recipe


Store bought chips (corn)
Soured cream
1 c of cheese (cheddar, 4 ozs); grated
1 can of jalapeno peppers or green chilies (4 ozs); drained
1 can of tomatoes (whole, 16 ozs); undrained diced
2 cans of beans with chilies (15 ozs)
1 package of Creamettes macaroni (elbow,7 ozs)


Cook the macaroni as per package instructions. Set it aside.

Using a wide skillet, mix together tomatoes, chili beans and jalapeno peppers. Simmer for ten minutes. Mix in the prepared macaroni and then top with cheese.

Put the lid back on and continue to cook ’till cheese has melted. Serve dish alongside chips and sour cream. Good for a group of six.

Chili Mac ‘n Cheddar Recipe

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