Chili Lasagna Recipe

Chili Lasagna Recipe


8 ozs of cheese (asiago); grated
8 ozs of Fromage frais
16 ozs of Chili 2000
1 oz of tomatoes; dried
8 ozs of spinach, broccoli as substitute (fresh)
1 pc of red pepper (medium); julienned
1 pc of onion (sweet); julienned
8 ozs of mushrooms; julienned
12 ozs of lasagna sheets


Use two to three sheets. You can use store bought pre cut sheets or you can cut the lasagna sheets according to the size and length of your baking pan.

Bring one and a half gallons of liquid to boil. Cook each lasagna piece in boiling water for a minute. Transfer to bowl with iced water. Continue process untill all sheets have been cooked.

Afterwards, combine together Fromage frais and Chili 2000. In a separate container, mix together onions, pepper and mushrooms. Preset the oven, 400 degrees F.

Grease your baking pan then line bottom with lasagna sheet. Smear chili sauce, then the mushroom mixture then your Asiago. Repeat process ’till all sheets have been used and ending with the cheese at the top layer.

Bake for forty minutes, ’till top is nicely browned. Good for four persons.

Chili Lasagna Recipe

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