Chili Enchiladas Recipe

Chili Enchiladas Recipe


1/4 c of water (cold)
2 Tbsps of cornstarch
3 Tbsps of chili (powder form)
3 c of water
24 ozs of sauce (tomato)
2 cloves of garlic; crushed
1 pc of onion (yellow); minced
1 sauce (enchilada)
2 tsps of chili (powder form)
3 tsps of onion (powder form)
3 Tbsps of peanut-butter
3 Tbsps of sauce (tomato, less sodium)
1/3 c of sauce (soy, less sodium)
20 pcs of tortillas
42 ozs of tofu (firm)


Cut tofu to small pieces. Blend together, soy and tomato sauce, peanut butter, onion then chili powder. Decant marinade to tofu.

Cook tofu together with marinade over moderate heat ’till tofu are nicely brown in color. Remove from heat and set it aside.

Saute garlic and onions until onions are clear. Add your enchilada sauce, remaining tomato sauce, water, cornstarch and chili powder then stir everything until mixture runs thick. Preset oven,350 degrees F.

Decant one cup of sauce onto a baking pan. Scoop ample amounts of tofu onto tortillas, roll and layer inside your baking pan. Do the same with the rest of your tortillas. Decant any remaining sauce onto your baking pan prior to baking for thirty minutes.

As a variation, you can top the dish with olives and cheese. Good for ten persons.

Chili Enchiladas Recipe

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