Chicken Chilies Rellenos Recipe

Chicken Chilies Rellenos Recipe


12 lbs of chicken breast (without skin and bones)
1 c of milk
48 pcs of chiles (green)
1 3/4 c of flour; seasoned with paprika, pepper and salt
2 lbs of Monterey Jack; sliced 48 pcs
5 c of salsa rojo or verde
8 pcs of eggs; well-beaten
Oil for deep frying


Heat oil using 400 deg Fahrenheit. Lightly sprinkle salt on chicken breasts to season. Use mallet for meat to make chicken halves flat.

Stuff chile with a cheese then put it in end portion of the chicken (half). Roll up the chicken to enclose chile then fasten with wooden pick.

In a bowl, whisk together milk and eggs. Let chicken sink into egg mix then let it roll on flour (seasoned). Put in deep fryer for 4-5 mins. or ’til chicken turns golden brown.

Drain and serve alongside salsa.

Chicken Chilies Rellenos Recipe

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