Calico Chili Recipe

Calico Chili Recipe


1 tsp of oil (safflower)
1/3 c wine (red)
3 onions (large); cubed
2 c plum tomatoes (Italian); coarsely chopped
4 cloves of garlic; minced
1/4 c green chili (canned); chopped
5 c vegetable stock
1 c celery; sliced
1 c carrots; diced
2 Tbsps powdered chili
1 c beans (garbanzos); soaked drained
3 c mushrooms (white); sliced
1 c kidney beans; soaked drained
3 Tbsps tomato paste (unsalted)
1 c beans (pinto); soaked drained
1 tsp cumin (ground)
1 tsp basil (dried)


Using a stockpot, mix oil with red wine. Simmer on medium heat. Saute onions for eight to ten minutes until translucent, then add the mushrooms, then cook for another five minutes.

Gradually add the carrots, tomatoes, celery, garlic and the cumin, cook til carrots are fork-tender. Pour in the vegetable stock with the rest of the ingredients.

Increase heat til it boils, lower temperature, then simmer (with lid on) for about three hours til beans are tender. Season to taste.

Calico Chili Recipe

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