Big Mike’s Chili Recipe

Big Mike’s Chili Recipe


9 pcs of peppers (New Mexico)
9 pcs of red peppers (California)
1 lb of bacon; finely chopped
4 pcs of onions (medium); diced
8 cl of garlic; chopped
Salt Pepper
1 Tbsp of sugar
Hot sauce (Louisiana)
2 lbs of sausage (pork)
5 lbs of beef
4 c of beef (broth)
8 ozs of tomato sauce
3 Tbsps of vinegar (white)
6 Tbsps of cumin; ground
2 Tbsps of chili powder (New Mexico)
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
2 Tbsps of chili powder (regular)
1 Tbsp of MSG
2 Tbsps of paprika
1 bottle of beer


Boil a couple cups of water and add a couple tablespoons of oregano. Brew ’til stained and save liquid. Cut off stems, veins and seeds of peppers and add peppers to the boiling liquid for half an hour.

Cut meat into strips, discarding the skin, place into a food blender. Add in pepper and enough of the beer in order to produce same thickness to a tomato sauce.

Cut into three portions the beef, sausage, garlic, onion and bacon. Fry bacon ’til crisp. Combine in garlic then onions, peppers, salt plus Louisiana sauce to desired taste.

Cook ’til onions turns translucent and add in sausage. Half done, mix in beef. Drain off the excess fat and fry meat again ’til completely done.

Transfer meat mixture into a pot. Do the same procedure to the next one-third and also with the last one-third of meat.

Mix the blended peppers, tomato sauce and broth in. Allow to simmer on low-heat. Add in remainder of the ingredients gradually.

Pour enough of beer in to produce desired consistency. Allow to cook on low-heat for 2 or more hours. Good for 12 persons.

Big Mike’s Chili Recipe

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