Beef Chili ‘n’ Cheddar Topped Potatoes Recipe

Beef Chili ‘n’ Cheddar Topped Potatoes Recipe


1.5 lbs of beef; ground
4 pcs of medium-sized potatoes (8 ozs per piece)
1 Tbsp of chili (powder)
15 ozs of beans in can (hot chili)
1.5 c of cheese (Cheddar); shredded and divided
1/4 c of spring onions; sliced


Pierce potatoes with a fork and microwave over high-heat for 11-13 minutes ’til tender. Rotate potatoes in a 1/4-turn every 6 minutes. Set aside for 5-7 minutes.

In a large-sized skillet, saute beef on medium to high heat for 6-8 minutes ’til cooked and not pink. Break up beef into 3/4-inch pieces. Remove drippings and add in the chili and a half teaspoon of salt.

Mix in beans with a half cup of cheese. Allow to cook. Mix well ’til heated thoroughly.

Carve a hole lengthwise in potatoes. Fluff using a fork and season using pepper and salt. Spoon the beef into potatoes equally.

Top potatoes with the remainder of the cheese. Top also with spring onions. Good for 4 persons.

Beef Chili ‘n’ Cheddar Topped Potatoes Recipe

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