Are You Up For The Heat? Try This Naga Bhut Jolokia Pepper

Are You Up For The Heat? Try This Naga Bhut Jolokia Pepper

Hot sauce lovers all around the world would talk and end up having debates on which particular hot sauce tastes the absolute best as well as the ultimate hottest. When coming to a discussion about the actual pepper where the sauce came from, then there’s no question anymore.

A pepper called “Naga Jolokia” is already considered as world’s ultimate and hottest kind of pepper. This designation became possible with the creation of the “Scoville scale” in the year 1912 by a chemist named Wilbur Scoville, who developed a scale for checking the degree of any pepper’s heat.

The scale offers precise and very scientific ways in determining heat indexes of peppers even before the popularity of the hot sauces.
During the year 2007, “Naga Jolokia” (which goes by other names like “Ghost Pepper”, “King Cobra Chili”, “Naga Morich” and “Bhut Jolokia”) won the crown from its present winner – “Red Savina” pepper as the hottest ever. The Naga pepper actually trumped the “Red Savina” pepper.

Do remember that several reasons and factors are always considered when rating heat indexes of fruits from your chili plant – this includes the lineage of the seed, the conditions of the soil, the plant’s water quantity during it’s growing period.

Using the Scoville-Unit (S.U.) of measurement, the “Red Savina” garnered 577,000 units while Jolokia had a very amazing and surprising 1,041,427 units beating the Savina at that.

The new champion Naga-Jolokia originated from a place called Assam that is located in India’s northeastern region, although today it is being successfully propagated and grown worldwide helping to assuage its demand in extracts, pastes, salsas and sauces which features this very spicy and hot Naga-Jolokia.

When you feel like you are very brave and strong enough in trying this kind of pepper or any Naga kind of product – always be cautious! Always remember that one glass of really cold water wouldn’t be sufficient for this kind of heat.

Instead, prepare a lot of milk since milk would diffuse plus it washes away chilies’ spicy content called capsaicin (this would cause that burning sensation). The milk doesn’t mean instant kind of relief though. If that’s the thing, then why are you trying out the Jolokia if you can’t stand so much heat.

Today the Naga-Jolokia stays in power inside Guinness’ Book for World Records which holds the title of the ultimate, hottest kind of pepper all over the planet, but records were made so they can be again broken by new ones.

Right now though with lots of brilliant scientists, for sure sooner or later we’ll be taking a look at that new chili hybrid which will be hotter than the hottest right now.

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