Try This Delicious & Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Try This Delicious Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Are you a chili fan? Have you been eating chili dishes for ages now? Have you been thinking to enter your own personal chili creation to those competitions? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re a certified chili lover.

But then you decided to change your diet and were you afraid that when wanting to change into a vegetarian or low-calorie diet will entail giving up your beloved spicy chili? The answer is NO. You could have the best of both worlds in this case. You could switch your diet and still eat your chilies too.

Below are 2 very healthy vegetarian dishes that you’ll love. The first recipe is for an average chili eater while the other dish is something for the “spicy” lover.

Easy Simple Chili For The Vegetarian


1 pc of bell pepper; dice them up
2 tbsps of powdered chili
3 cloves of garlic; minced
2 tsps of olive oil
A can of tomatoes (diced)
3 tbsps of vegetable stock
1/2 of an onion; dice them up
A can of beans (kidney type); drain water off
A can of black/pinto beans; drained

Get a big saucepot and heat your olive oil in it. Add in bell peppers, garlic onions then saute them for 4-5 mins. Add in vegetable stock, powdered chili and tomatoes to your pot then stir your mixture ’til they’re mixed well together.

Set your heat to around medium low settings then add in your kidney and black beans to your mixture. Next, cook your chilies for another 20 mins. and occasionally stir them up. If you’re in no hurry, lower heat then allow chili to simmer in your pot for a few hours. If you cook it longer, chili flavors will develop more and it will really be tastier.

Feisty Chili For Vegetarians

1 pc of an onion; dice it up
3 cans of beans (kidney)
3 pcs of garlic cloves; mince them up
2 tbsps of olive oil
1.5 c of salsa (hot kind)
1/2 tsp of cayenne
1 (28 ozs) can of tomatoes; go for the diced ones
4 tbsps of powdered chili
1 tsp of salt, red pepper flakes and cumin
1 c of water

Get a big saucepot then saut your garlic onions in olive oil in about 4-5 mins. Add in water, salsa, pepper flakes, cumin, powdered chili, cayenne and tomatoes to your saucepot. Stir your mixture then continue simmering it for around 30 mins. and stir it every now and then.

Then, add in beans into your pot then allow your chilies to continue simmering again for 30 mins. more. After 30 mins., your chili is now ready for serving. Enjoy!

So if you’re an avid chili lover and changing to a vegan diet then these 2 recipes are going to be great for you

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