Most Delicious Chili Dishes From Around The World

Chili is a universal ingredient with many interpretations around the world. Almost every region and country has a famous recipe dish revolving around this spice. Chili pepper is believed to have originated from the Americas and has spread around the entire globe not just for culinary use but also for medicinal and other innovative purposes. These include chili used as irritant weapon and crop defense. Medicinal purposes include management of arthritis pain, diabetic neuropathy and other pain-related problems. It is a known topical analgesic, especially to relieve toothache. Of course, for more serious medical or dental cases, consult with a doctor or a Vancouver WA Dentist.
Starting off with the best of Cajun cuisine from the great state of Louisiana is the alligator chili dish. This rather exotic meal, especially considering the meat used is a little known delicacy from the Pelican state. This Super Bowl chili dish is best served with French bread. Aside from attending the Mardi Gras and visiting the blues bars filled with amazing riffs played on Gibson Les Paul guitars, alligator chili is a must-try when in Louisiana.
One of the most famous chili dishes is chili con carne. This spicy stew of chili peppers, tomatoes, meat and flavors with its famous red color is a classic from the Lone Star State. There are many variations to this dish. For instance, in Texas, it would be considered blasphemy to add beans to chili dishes. In other countries and regions, chili dishes always go hand in hand with beans. When cooking your own meals, whether to include beans or not is the smarter choice entirely depends on your personal taste and preferences.
No list of chili dishes would be complete without mentioning a specialty from India. The Indian Kidney Beans Chili is a signature dish from Northern India. It is a spicy and immensely flavorful, with heightened tastes and aromas. This is a favorite among vegetarians and has many secret and unexpected ingredients like cinnamon and mango powder, all contributing to that distinct taste. Dishes like these are an excellent addition to diets for fast weight loss.
Thai cuisine is another popular fan of spices. One of its dishes is the Thai Squid Chili. This mouthwatering plate of squid and vegetables is not just delicious but also very healthy. The meal is often served with chili paste called nam phrik phao and goes best with plain rice. Thai cuisine is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses to be present in one dish and the Thai squid chili is no exception. When in Thailand, enjoy its sensational cuisine and things native to this country like buy kratom which originate from Thailand.
Mexico is also known to for its chili dishes, with every recipe being capable of containing it. One of the much-loved spiced up dishes are the Mexican chili soups. Among these include the Aztec Five-Step soup which is a flavorful and meaty dish of chicken stock with sautéed vegetables and fried cubes of potatoes. It has an interesting garnish of avocado, cheese and tortilla. Most Mexican chili soups use chicken as meat with the second runner up being lamb. Some soups are also purely vegetarian.
Aush goshti, or Afghan tomato soup is a popular recipe from the Middle East. It is usually served as a starter and is a welcome addition to any buffet and celebration. People of all ages enjoy this beef and tomato soup with a lemony dash seasoned with dill and cilantro. In general, Middle Eastern cuisine is usually dominated by black pepper and chili is used occasionally. But when chili is added, be prepared for an explosive and delicious dining experience. Wherever your travels may take you, it is always a great idea to make a little research of the best local restaurants in the area. Check restaurant and company ratings to ensure you get the best dining delight out of your travels. If you don’t get to travel a lot, fret not because you can always prepare dishes from all around the world in the comforts of your home.