Lamb Chili Recipe

Lamb Chili Recipe


4 c of broth (chicken)
5 ozs of chiles (dried ancho); seeded stemmed
3 pcs of chiles (chipotle, canned in adobo sauce)
1/4 c 2 Tbsps of oil (olive)
5 lbs of lamb’s leg; trimmed boned
2 pcs of onions (large); sliced into dices
4 cloves of garlic; chopped finely
12 ozs of ale (firestone double barrel)
1 can of tomatoes (chopped, 28 ozs); drained
1/4 c of chili powder (ground pasilla)
3 Tbsps of cumin (ground)
75 ozs of beans (black, canned); drained rinsed
1/4 c of lime juice (fresh)

For the Avocado Salsa:
3 pcs of avocados (large ripe); pitted, peeled and diced
7 Tbsps of lime juice (fresh)
1/4 c of onion (red); chopped finely
6 Tbsps of cilantro (fresh); chopped
3 pcs of chiles (Jalapeno); seeded minced
Pepper and salt (to taste)


Boil stock using heavy medium-sized saucepan then take it off from flame then add chiles (ancho). Let it stand for 30 minutes, while covered, ’til soft. Afterward, puree ancho with 2 c of stock as well as chipotle using blender or processor. Add and stir the rest of stock then set mixture aside.

Have 1/4 c of oil heated using pot (covered) or inside Dutch Oven on high flame. Put lamb (meat and bones). By batch, cook meat for three minutes ’til it becomes brown then place into bowl.

Add the rest of 2 Tbsps oil into Dutch oven then saute garlic and onions in 3 minutes. Put back juices, bones as well as meat inside Dutch oven. Pour brew then simmer ten minutes.

Add cumin, powdered chili, tomatoes and stock then simmer ’til lamb becomes tender. Combine juice (lime) and beans with chili then season using pepper and salt. Create salsa by combining all ingredients for avocado salsa just before serving time.

Lamb Chili Recipe

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