Lamb & Artichoke Chili Recipe

Lamb Artichoke Chili Recipe


1/2 recipe of chili base
1 pc of lemon
1 lb of shoulder of lamb (boneless); sliced 1/2″ strips
4 pcs of artichokes (large)
2 Tbsps of garlic; minced finely
1/4 c of lime juice (fresh)
1 c of stock (chicken) or broth (low-sodium)
Salt (as desired)
Bunch of cilantro leaves; coarsely chopped
1 c of cream (sour)
12 pcs of tortillas (corn)


Defrost or prepare chili base. Mix water with juice from single lemon into pot. Reserve and use lemon to rub on cut portions of artichokes later on. Slice stems of artichokes away, trim tops to leave a 1.5″ deep base and to expose middle area of artichoke as well as remove dark-green exterior of artichokes.

Put the bottom part of artichokes into water every after trimming. Once done, boil 20 mins on high flame ’til bottoms become tender. Lift pan off heat then artichokes off water.

When cooled, take out then discard center artichokes. When not to be used immediately, place back into liquid that has been used for cooking and store inside refrigerator.

Using oven-proof skillet or Dutch oven, heat oil on high flame above stove. Saute lamb in it for five minutes while stirring. Lower the flame then add garlic as well as artichokes. Cook five more minutes.

Drop stock, chili base and juice (lime) into mixture. Cover then place inside oven in an hour. Season with salt.

Place chili into covered serving dish (or in individual bowls) then sprinkle cilantro on top. Serve alongside tortillas (warm) and cream (sour).

Lamb Artichoke Chili Recipe

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