Karen’s Meatless Chili Recipe

Karen’s Meatless Chili Recipe


1/2 c of oil
4 cloves of garlic; minced
2 pcs of onion; chopped
3 pcs of chilies (jalapeno); minced
3 c of tvp (flakes or granules)
5 Tbsps of powder (chili)
1 tsp of pepper (cayenne)
1 tsp of cumin (ground)
1/4 tsp of pepper (black)
1.5 tsp of salt or to taste
1 Tbsp of vinegar (apple cider)
2 Tbsps of molasses
16 ozs of sauce (tomato)
1/2 c of yeast (nutritional)
6 c of water


In a large stock pot over moderate fire, fry lightly the onions with oil ’til light brown in color. Put in garlic as well as jalapeno chilies then stir 1 more minute. Add in tvp, chili powder, cayenne, cumin, salt, black pepper, molasses, vinegar, tomato sauce, water and yeast. Turn down fire.

Let mixture simmer, covered, for an hour. Stir. When preferred, you may also add beans (cooked) into mixture when cooking is done. Taste and adjust seasoning

Garnish chili with cilantro (chopped), avocado (chunks), olives (sliced) and onions (diced). Makes 8 servings.

Karen’s Meatless Chili Recipe

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