How To Make Healthy Bean less Chili

How To Make Healthy Bean less Chili

All of us have different taste perceptions as well as different expectations when it comes to taste. To all chili lovers and professional chili eaters, a great bowl of chili should be more than just a very delicious and very spiced up meat bowl although some make their chilis a bit soupy in texture and is like one of those vegetable soups that have been adequately spiced up.

For most of us, a standard bowl of chili means powdered chili, beans, tomatoes and beef. Now, what happens if you’re somebody who really doesn’t enjoy beans? Or maybe you’re going on this low carbohydrate diet? Or it could be as simple as not wanting to get gas and fart?

Below is this very healthy and yummy chili dish that has no beans whatsoever added to it. Hope you enjoy this beanless treat as I have.

You’ll Need:

2 pcs of onions; chopped
2 pcs of Pasilla; diced
3 lbs of beef chuck (slice into 1 inch cubes)
2 pcs of Serranos; diced
2 tbsps of paprika
1 pc of pepper (red); diced
2 tbsps of oregano (dried)
1 tbsp of cumin
4 tbsps of olive oil (virgin)
2 tbsps of coriander
1 tbsp of powdered chili (Del Arbol/Mexican Red)
6 cloves of garlic
1 pc of cinnamon stick
2 (28 ozs) cans of crushed tomatoes; buy the whole ones
3 tbsps of chipotle (canned); diced
1 can of beef stock

Optional garnishing:

Wedges of lime
Cheese (Pepper Jack); grated
Sour cream


Inside a big saucepot, heat half of your olive oil then saute your diced peppers as well as onions. Cook on medium levels of heat in 10 mins. or ’til onions start caramelizing.

In another skillet, heat 2 tbsps of your remaining oil for searing your diced beef. Once beef has browned, drain of excess oils using a strainer. Add in your cooked meats to your pepper and onion mixture then cook them for 5 mins. more.

Add all other remaining ingredients aside from the vinegar: chipotle, stock, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, powdered chili, oregano, coriander and paprika. Turn your heat levels up to high ’til your chili starts to boil. After it has boiled, lower heat and continue simmering the mixture covered for 1.5 hrs. and occasionally stirring the mixture.

When the 1.5 hrs. is over, take your meat out then shred it up using your fork then add meat back into the saucepot. Cook uncovered for 10 mins. more then just add your wine vinegar before you serve up your chili. Garnish it as you like. This recipe makes 6 servings.

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