How To Find The Best Bowl Of Chili Ever

How To Find The Best Bowl Of Chili Ever

If you’re a chili lover and love to eat it so much all the time, then you’ve probably gotten yourself thinking about what kinds of ingredients are added into a bowlful of the very best chili dish ever.

All throughout the country, there are various chili contests and I’ve always attended some of these gatherings to try and figure out what really comprises a great bowl of chili – 1 that will possibly even be an award winner.

Like always, a chili organization gets to decide which bowl of chili is ultimately the best. The ICS or (International Chili Society) is this chili organization that ultimately makes the decision as to who wins the “best chili” award.

With this in mind, they base their decisions on the following considerations:

1) Chili consistency

A good bowl of chili must have that smooth blend of gravy and meats. It shouldn’t have any lumps or any large chunky meat or vegetables. The smoother the consistency, the more likely your chili is going to win.

2) A nice and appetizing aroma

Normally, a good bowl of chili should have very appetizing smells. Some chilies smell a bit stronger than some others; this is alright so long as it still smells good. Don’t assume though that all bad-smelling chilies are not good. Personally, I’ve tried chilies that really smelled awful but they’ve turned out tasting really delicious and full of flavors. But judges consider taste as a very important consideration when judging.

3) The color of your chili dish

Color is another very important consideration that judges keep in mind when judging chilies. The redder your chili appears, the better. Although there are some really great green chili recipes too. For competition sake though, choose a chili dish that appears to have a very good and vibrant reddish color.

4) Excellent taste

Of course judges are going to be looking into the taste of your chili dish. A great chili bowl is one that incorporates sour, bitter, salty sweet flavors together.

5) The aftertaste

All chili judges also consider if your bowl of chili would be leaving a pleasant aftertaste. They’d ask themselves if your chili has that interesting zing to it and if it gets smoke to come right out of your ears. This is 1 very important consideration to always keep in mind when making that bowl of competition chili.

Always keep in mind these important principles when you’re thinking to create a chili dish that you’re planning to enter into competition.

Also, one more important thing – when you’re experimenting with a chili dish, do note down all steps that you did and all ingredients you added. Basing on my own experiences, there are times that I’ve added certain ingredients or did some procedures that I forgot to document and when my chili turned out great I could no longer duplicate it because I couldn’t remember the steps that I made.

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