Grow Your Own Chilies

Grow Your Own Chilies

How can you properly grow a chili plant? Chilies are definitely hot, and not only that but they also require attention as well as love although they don’t need much care. Chilies could be planted in the months of February or January but if you’ve got the appropriate weather or planning on growing them inside your house then you’re able to plant them all year.

Chilies need warm temperatures in order to get optimal results. Others prefer growing chilies outside while they’re still developing, while some have noticed better results when they’re grown in composts or inside a greenhouse.

Commonly chilies are grown through a process called germination. Chilies that are given enough fertilizers would grow more all throughout their plant life and produce more products too.

In order to really save more cash, I make use of plastic food-trays that have been cleaned them up and then filled up with compost where you could grow your chilies. The food-trays should always have holes and once done putting holes in the trays, water your compost really well.

Some even would recommend sowing them at least one inch apart although I like scattering them everywhere because it reaps better results that way. Then, sprinkle moistened compost on your seeds. Then start your propagator inside a darkened room (the cupboard under the stairs would be very ideal in order to accelerate its growth).

If the seeds have sprouted to about 2 cms, in length then you could take them out of the room. Always situate your seedlings in a nice warm place and always keep your compost really moist.
Once chilies have reached about five to six centimeters high, transfer them to small-sized pots which are already filled up with the moistened compost.

Always make it a point that they’re embedded really well inside the pots. Just place one plant inside one pot. There was a time that I experimented in putting two plants inside one pot, chances are one would kill the other. But when using one plant per one pot, the plants would survive.

Once plants reach six inches in height, situate plants inside a larger kind of pot (about nine inch size of a pot), or when saving money arrange them inside a grow-bag, approximately six to eight plants would fit inside 1 bag.

When thinking that chilies won’t require any love you are very wrong, they should always be given more warmth, also put some clear cover right across them. They would need a strong kind of support and also they don’t like having too much wind.

So they only prefer to actually be placed in sunny areas while having their soils constantly moist without being really wet, when your plant’s leaves turn yellow, momentarily stop the watering process until the leaves would turn green again.

Feel free to pick out your very first chili once they turn green. Tiny chilies are usually hotter. Use a knife when harvesting them, don’t rip them directly off their plant or else your plant would get damaged.

When storing these chilies, you could store them inside your refrigerator in approximately 2 weeks or better yet use chilies right after harvesting. When wanting these chilies to last long, simply have them sun dried. Once done arrange them inside a container to ensure you’d have chilies to last you through the wintertime

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