Corn Cheese & Chilis Recipe

Corn Cheese Chilis Recipe


1 bag frozen corn (22 oz)
1 lb cheese (cheddar)
1 (4 oz) can of chilis (green); chopped
6 garlic cloves; minced
4 peppers (Jalapeno)
2 peppers (Cubanelle)
1 pc onion; chopped
1 dash hot sauce (Tabasco)


Coarsely chop corn (in batches) using a (food) processor. Shred cheddar cheese then add to chopped corn. Combine chopped chilis to the mixture and stir well.

Pick any of the optional ingredients (remove seeds and core, and for garlic, peel), chop into small pieces. Using a frying pan with some oil, stir in onion, peppers, garlic then cook for a number of minutes.

Add spiced corn. Pour into a baking pan (Corningware) and bake for one hour at 350 degrees F.

Corn Cheese Chilis Recipe

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