Chipotle-Ancho Chili Pesto Recipe

Chipotle-Ancho Chili Pesto Recipe


2 pcs of canned chilies (Chipotle, in sauce of adobo); seeded rinsed
1/3 c of pine nuts
1/4 c or more of olive oil
2 Tbsp of lemon juice (fresh)
2 pcs of chilies (Ancho or Pasilla); dried
1 pc of bell pepper (red)
2 cloves of garlic


Take the seeds and stems out from the ancho chilies and put them in bowl, covered with water (boiling). Leave it for 30 mins ’til it becomes soft. Drain and reserve 1 Tbsp of the liquid.

Afterward, roast the bell peppers ’til all the sides are blackened. Close it in a bag (made of paper) then leave it for 15 mins.

Remove skin, seeds and stem of pepper. Blend the garlic, lemon (juice), pine nuts, chipotles, pepper (bell), 1 Tbsp of liquid (used to soak chilies) and ancho chilies into food processor.

While processing, add gradually 1/4 c of oil (olive); continue processing ’til mixture becomes smooth. Add more spoonfuls of oil if the mixture remains dry.

You may also use a single Chipotle if milder mixture is desired.

Chipotle-Ancho Chili Pesto Recipe

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