Chilies Rellenos With Cheese Recipe

Chilies Rellenos With Cheese Recipe


6 pcs of chilies (Poblano)
1 c of cheese (Monterey Jack); sliced into cubes
1/2 c of flour
1 Tbsp of water
3 pcs of eggs
2 c of veggie oil or lard (for frying)
1/4 tsp of salt


Using griddle, toast all the sides of chilies ’til skins start blistering. Put into plastic, seal then let chilies be steamed 20 mins. Peel skins off chilies then slit lengthwise about 1/4″ from the stem and from the tip. Take off piths and seeds, leaving stem as is.

Stuff chilies with cheese. Roll them into flour. Then set them aside.

Segregate egg whites from yolks. Beat the whites ’til stiff. Separately, beat the yolks alongside salt and water. Fold whites into yolks.

Allow oil or lard to be heated on moderate flame. Dip filled chilies in egg mix then fry ’til a bit golden-brown in color. Remove from oil then allow to be drained.

Chilies Rellenos With Cheese Recipe

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