Chilies Rellenos Recipe

Chilies Rellenos Recipe


1/2 lb of cheese (Cheddar)
1 can of chili pepper (4 ozs)
6 c of oil (peanut)
1/4 c of flour (for dredging)
1/4 tsp of salt
1 tbsp of flour
2 pcs of eggs; whites and yolks separated


Put the oil into the electric fryer and preheat 25 mins, 425 degrees F. In the meantime, drain the peppers, remove the seeds then slice them into strips. Slice cheese to create 12 pieces of cubes.

Enclose each cheese cube into a strip of chili, then soak it in the flour then set it aside. Proceed with the rest of the chili strips. Batter the whites of eggs to their maximum softness. Then, beat the yolks together with the salt and flour ’til it becomes smooth; fill in the whites of eggs.

Wrap every cube using the mixture (egg) and then fry it in oil ’til it turns gold-brown in color. Scope some oil (hot) on top of the chilies. Take them out from oil and drain them.

Serve it on a platter garnished with hot sauce (red chili) or you may try relleno sauce. Good for 4 servings.

Chilies Rellenos Recipe

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