Chilies: Its History and Uses

Chilies have always been a part of our daily living. Some people love spicy foods and chilies always have to go with them. Besides the obvious that these are used for spices, these still have other helpful uses and benefits. First, know a brief history on the origin of Chilies and other hot topics in education, specifically on Chili’s discovered wonders.

A Brief History

As old as 7000 B.C., chilies have already been used in Mexico. The Mexicans are believed to be the first ones to cultivate chilies to spice up their food from 3500 B.C. Christopher Columbus is responsible for bringing this spice from Spain to India. Not only had that he mistaken America for India, but also chilies for black pepper. That is how the chili got its “Chile Pepper” name. Chili invaded the rest of Europe later and has been one favorite spice in their cuisines.

Chilies Uses and Benefits

There are a number of recipes with chili as the main spice. The country known for the love of spicy foods is India. This is also the largest exporter of chili in the world and the place where you can find the hottest varieties.  For recipes with chili, this can be accompanied by other ingredients like ginger, pepper, onion, anise rift platinum, vinegar, and more other spices or ingredients in many cuisines in the world.

Most benefits and uses of chilies, besides its being a spice, are coming from its capsaicin. Note that the hotter the chili is, the higher the capsaicin content. This is chili’s active component which can cause a burning sensation when it touches any tissue. The capsaicin works by interfering or depleting with the so called substance P (involved in sending pain impulses to the brain). The benefit of the capsaicin is for relieving pain such as nerve pain, back pain, muscle pain, or joint pain.

Moreover, the capsaicin found in chili can also be helpful as natural hair products. It works by increasing IGF-1’s dermal levels which promotes the hair growth in humans and so with mice.  Just in a period of three weeks, the cayenne pepper applied in the scalp, growth can be observed even in bald people. So if you have hair loss problems, there are supplements available now in the market that can the solution for your problem. Search the best product and visit website, each of them so you know which can be effective for you.

Chilies have more benefits and uses. It won’t be a pain to look for these things so you can use more natural ways to solve some of your difficulties. You can just search online and use chili you can just find in your kitchen for any of your applicable needs. Don’t be fooled when you lig tv izle or watch TV lie. Always verify what you watch, read or hear about chilies. Nonetheless, enjoy the spice with any hot recipe you would like to experiment in and the spice that dominated the world of spices from the past up to this date.