Chilied Red Bean Dip Recipe

Chilied Red Bean Dip Recipe


2 Tbsps of corn oil
1 clove of garlic; crushed
1 pc of onion; chopped finely
1 pc of chili (fresh green); seeded and chopped finely
1 tsp of hot chili (powdered)
1 can of beans (red kidney, 15 ozs)
1/2 c of cheese (Cheddar); shredded
Salt (to taste)
Slivers of chilies (red green, fresh thin)
Sprig of parsley (fresh, optional)
Tortilla chips


Have oil heated on skillet then add powdered chili, green chili, onion and garlic. Gently cook four minutes.

Have the beans drained and reserve the juice. Set aside 3 Tbsps of beans then puree the rest of the beans in food processing machine or blender.

Pour onion mix then add 2 Tbsps of the reserved liquid from bean. Mix very well.

Add the beans (that were reserved) as well as cheese. Gradually cook around two minutes while stirring ’til cheese becomes melted. Season with salt then mix very well.

Add more of reserve liquid from bean if you find the mixture undesirably thick. Pour mixture into plate then garnish using parsley sprigs and chilies, as preferred. Serve while still warm alongside chips.

Chilied Red Bean Dip Recipe

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