Chili Woody Desilva Recipe

Chili Woody Desilva Recipe


2 Tbsps of cooking oil
4 pounds of coarsely grind chuck
4 Tbsps of dry Mexican oregano
1 Tbsp of ground red hot chili
2 Tbsps of paprika
2 tsps of chipenos
30 ounces of tomato-sauce
5 pcs onions
5 cloves garlic
2 tsps of woodruff
3 Tbsps of cumin
1 tsp of pepper (cayenne)
6 ounces of tomato-paste
4 dashes of hot-pepper sauce
4 Tbsps of cornflour


Have oil heated in large thick skillet placed over mid-heat. Add onions then season w/ pepper salt.

Cook ’til translucent. Transfer onions in to large thick pot.

Place meat in skillet, adding enough oil. Add 1 Tbsp oregano and garlic. Crumble meat and break lumps using your fork.

Cook meat over mid-heat, stir occasionally ’til meat becomes thoroughly browned. Blend mixture into pot.

Place remaining oregano, powdered chili, pepper, cumin, chipenos, woodruff, and paprika in paper bag and shake well to combine. Add combined spices into pot including tomato sauce paste and hot sauce.

Add water enough to have everything covered. Let it boil. Once boiled, adjust heat simmer without cover for a minimum of 2 hrs. Add more seasoning if needed.

Place in the refrigerator overnight. Skin-off extra fat the following day. Reheat dish by boiling then add in mixture of cornflour and small water.

Constantly stir to avoid scorching and sticking. Add more water ’til wanted texture is achieved.

Chili Woody Desilva Recipe

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