Chili – Two Rivers Recipe

Chili – Two Rivers Recipe


6 ozs of tomato paste
1 c of onions (not necessary)
2 ozs of spaghetti (not necessary)
1 c of celery; chopped (not necessary)
2.5 c of water (or more)
3/4 tsp of garlic (powder)
1.5 Tbsps of chili (powder)
1.5 tsps of sugar
3/4 tsp of oregano leaves
1/2 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of pepper


In pot, cook onion and beef ’til it turns brown in color. Remove the juice. Put in the rest of the ingredients excluding spaghetti and beans.

Blend it well and let it boil. Lower the heat them let it simmer 30 mins, covered. Drop in the spaghetti and beans then let it simmer, heating beans 10 more mins while uncovered.

This recipe makes 8 serving portions.

Chili – Two Rivers Recipe

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