Chili Relleno Pie Recipe

Chili Relleno Pie Recipe


16 oz of chilies (green, canned); cut open
1 lb of sliced cheese (Monterey Jack)
1 lb of sliced cheese (Cheddar)
4 Tbsps of flour (whole wheat)
1 c of evaporated milk
1 c of sour cream (dairy)
4 pcs of eggs (large)
1 c of chicken (or turkey); diced
2 c of salsa (mild)


Arrange the chilies on the base of an 8×13 inch ovenproof dish. Layer the two cheeses above evenly. Add the rest of the chilies (if there are still any) on top.

Combine flour and (enough amount) milk; whisk thoroughly, making a paste. Add sour cream and the rest of the milk; beat thoroughly and add the eggs individually while beating continuously. Add the diced chicken.

Pour onto the dish. Bake, 350 deg Fahrenheit for half an hour. Pour the salsa on top; bake again for another fifteen mins.

Chili Relleno Pie Recipe

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