Chili Recipe 1

Chili Recipe 1


2 Tbsps of Worcestershire sauce
2 c of water
1 pc of onion (large); minced
1 lb of grounded beef
2 Tbsps of flour
1 pc of celerey; diced
2 cans of sauce (tomato, 8 ozs)
2 Tbsps of hot powder


Sear beef. Add the celery and onion. Mix in water, Worcestershire and tomato sauces, hot chili powder, pepper, garlic and salt.

Mix well. Cook for half and hour over moderate heat. In a small bowl, mix together the flour and water. Pour onto the chili mixture to thicken.

Stir constantly until sauce is thick and the beef is cooked through. Makes one serving.

Chili Recipe 1

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