Chili Gourmet Style Recipe

Chili Gourmet Style Recipe


6 Tbsps of soured cream
3 pcs of peppers (green); cut in two
1 can of beans (kidney, 19 ozs); drained
3 Tbsps of cider vinegar
1 c of chicken broth
2 cans of tomato sauce (8 ozs)
2 Laurel leaves
4 tsps of flaked peppers (hot); dried
1 Tbsp of oregano
2 Tbsps of paprika
2 Tbsps of cocoa; unsweetened
1/4 c of cumin
1/4 c of chili (powder form)
2 lbs of grounded turkey
3 lbs of beef (chuck)
2 Tbsps of garlic; minced
1/4 c of vegetable oil
3 c of onions; minced


Saute onions until they become tender and clear. Add garlic then the beef. Cook on medium fire, stirring frequently in order to dissolve up clumps and beef is nicely dark in color.

Season with chili, add your cocoa, cumin, oregano, chili powder, Laurel leaves and flaked pepper. Continue cooking for a minute then add your (tomato) sauce, chicken broth then cider.

Bring broth to boil then simmer, lid on, for an hour and fifteen minutes ’till meat becomes tender. Mix in the beans, black pepper, green pepper then salt. Simmer ’till the peppers become soft.

Remove (bay) leaves. Scoop chili onto bowls and top with onions and soured cream.

Chili Gourmet Style Recipe

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