Chili Crab Puff: Ladies Lunch Recipe

Chili Crab Puff: Ladies Lunch Recipe


1 cup of Marinara or tomato sauce
2 cups of flour
4 whole eggs
1/3 cup of cream (half and half)
1 can of chilies (green, 8 ozs); diced
1 cup of meat (from crab)
1 lb of cheese (Monterey Jack)


Preset oven, 400 deg Fahrenheit. Butter down a large baking pan. Set it aside.

Keep about two cups of cheese to be used as toppings. Place about a third of your cheese inside your baking pan. Add a third of your crab meat and a third of your chilies.

Continue doing the same procedure until you make three layers. Beat eggs, milk and flour.

Decant onto your baking pan. Spread tomato sauce on top and top using the remaining cheese. Pop baking pan in the oven without any cover for sixty minutes or ’till center is set. Good for four persons.

Chili Crab Puff: Ladies Lunch Recipe

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