Chili Con Carne – Mexican Style Recipe

Chili Con Carne – Mexican Style Recipe


1 large can of beans (kidney)
1 pint of olives (black)
1 1/2 Tbsps of sugar (brown)
1 Tbsp of vinegar (red wine)
1 Tbsp of oregano
3 pcs of Laurel leaves
1 large can of tomatoes
1 Tbsp of flour
1 Tbsp of cumin
4 Tbsps of chili (powder form)
4 cloves of garlic; minced
3 pcs of small onions; minced
3 Tbsps of fat (from bacon) OR oil
3 lbs of grounded beef


Saute garlic and onions until onions are clear but garlic is not fully browned. Remove from heat but leave the oil in the pan. Transfer chili to heated oil.

Add a teaspoon of flour. Mix thoroughly.

You can add more oil or fat as needed. Next add the beef then cook until nicely dark in color. Add the tomatoes then simmer for twenty minutes.

Season with the Laurel leaves, vinegar, sugar and oregano. Continue cooking for twenty minutes more. Stir the beans in then cook for two more hours.

Add the olives and season with pepper and salt as needed. Good for three persons.

Chili Con Carne – Mexican Style Recipe

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