Chili-Cheese Steaks Recipe

Chili-Cheese Steaks Recipe


2 lbs of steak (top round); sliced 1″ thick with excess fat trimmed off
2 tsps of salt
3 Tbsps of flour
2 tsps of chili (powdered)
1/4 c of shortening
1/4 tsp of pepper
2 c of onions; chopped
1 can of tomatoes (16 ozs)
1 c of cheese (Cheddar); shredded

For the Garnishes:
Bell peppers (green and red); sliced thinly


Preheat the oven, 350 degrees F. Cut steak into six pieces. Combine pepper, chili, salt as well as flour then sprinkle this mixture on steak. Pound the mixture on steak further using mallet for meat, pounding on each side.

Heat shortening on 10″-size skillet on moderate-high heat. Then cook steak into it ’til well-browned left and right. Transfer into a platter that has been warmed.

Cook onions using the steak drippings ’til brown. Add the rest of flour mix then pour mixture in casserole. Place steak into it and add the tomatoes with liquid. Bake for an hour and a half, while covered, ’til meat becomes tender.

Remove any fatty dripping off casserole. Spread cheese sparsely on steak. Heat five minutes ’til the cheese melts. This recipe creates six serving portions.

Chili-Cheese Steaks Recipe

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