Chili-Cheese Potatoes Recipe

Chili-Cheese Potatoes Recipe


1/3 c of onion; chopped
1/3 c of pepper (green); chopped
1 Tbsp of pepper in can (chopped jalapeno); drained
1 Tbsp of oil (vegetable)
1 can of chili (with beans, 15 ozs)
3 idaho (fresh); baked
1 c of cheese (cheddar); shredded
1/3 c of sour cream chopped green onion.


In a microwave-safe container (2 qrt) mix the oil, jalapeno, onion and pepper (green) together. Cover using cling wrap and cook (High setting) for 3-4 mins. or ’til onion becomes tender. Add chili and stir.

Cover again then cook in High setting for another 3-4 mins. Stir once then slice lengthwise. Put in microwave-resistant platter. Pour chili mix then sprinkle cheese on top.

Cook for another 1-2 mins (High) or ’til cheese begins melting. Serve alongside cream (sour) and onion (green) on top. This recipe creates 3 serving portions.

Chili-Cheese Potatoes Recipe

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