Chili-Beer Brisket Of Beef Recipe

Chili-Beer Brisket Of Beef Recipe


2.5 lbs of beef (brisket)
1/2 c of onions; coarsely chopped
1 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of garlic (powder)
1 tsp of pepper (black)
12 ozs of sauce (chili)
12 ozs of beer

For garnishes:
2 pcs of tomatoes (medium)
6 sprigs of parsley


In a crockpot, set brisket, fatty side facing down. Put powdered garlic, pepper, salt as well as onion. Add in the chili sauce. Cook using crockpot (in low setting) for three hours.

Put beer then set crockpot into moderate for another 30 mins. Put brisket above platter (large) and prepare by slicing it thinly.

Garnish using tomato slices as well as parsley. This recipe makes 8 serving portions.

Chili-Beer Brisket Of Beef Recipe

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