Chili Bean Casserole (Lacto) Recipe

Chili Bean Casserole (Lacto) Recipe


1 c of rice (raw)
1 c of fat-free yogurt (plain)
1-2 tsps of cilantro (fresh); chopped
1/4 c of tomatillo taco sauce (green)
1 pc of onion; sliced
1 pc of garlic cloves; minced
A splash of wine (white)
2 c of corn (canned or frozen); drained or thawed
4 oz of sliced olives (black, canned); drained
1 pc of zucchini (medium); sliced
14 oz of chili-spiced beans (canned, Mexican style)
1 pc of tomato (ripe); seeded then chopped


Preheat the oven at 350 deg Fahrenheit. Cook the rice. Combine yogurt, tomatillo sauce, and cilantro; mix thoroughly and set on the side. Saute garlic and onions with wine until softened.

Spray PAM on baking dish. Add corn, (cooked) rice, zucchini, olives, and sauteed mixture. Pour over the beans and cover.

Cook inside the oven, about half an hour or till heated through. Spread tomatoes on top then drizzle the mixture of yogurt on top. Serve at once.

Chili Bean Casserole (Lacto) Recipe

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