Chili Barbecued Corn Recipe

Chili Barbecued Corn Recipe


For the Chili Corn Butter:
1/3 c of softened butter
1-1/2 tsps of cumin (ground)
2 pcs of garlic (cloves); chopped finely
1-1/2 tsps of chili powder

For the Chili Barbecued Corn:
12 pcs of corn cobs (with husks)
1/3 c of chili corn butter


(Chili Corn Butter)
Combine chili powder, garlic, and cumin inside a bowl. Thoroughly mash them together. Mixture is approximately 1/3 of cup.

(Chili Barbecued Corn)
Soak the corn in water for twenty mins. Peel the husks back but leave the bases intact.

Discard the silk then spread a teaspoonful of chili-corn mixture above each of the cobs. Close the husks then tie using a moist (kitchen) string.

Grill above moderately high heat, covered. Turn occasionally till corn has softened and husks turn black, about twenty mins.

Chili Barbecued Corn Recipe

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