Chicken & Sausage Chili Recipe

Chicken Sausage Chili Recipe


1/4 c of chili (powdered)
4 tsp of cumin (ground)
2 tsp of chili (pure ground)
1/4 c of oil (vegetable)
1.5 tsp of salt
1 lb of sausage (spicy and smoked)
2 pcs of chicken breasts (whole); skinned, boned split
2 pcs of onions (white and large); diced
6 pcs of tomatillos (large); husked and diced
3 cloves of garlic; minced
4 pcs of Poblano or Anaheim chili peppers (or 2 green peppers); diced
1 – 2 of broth (beef or chicken)
2 pcs of bell peppers (red); diced
1/3 c of tomato paste
2 pcs of chili jalapeno peppers; minced
4 cans of beans (16 ozs, preferably mix of black pinto and navy beans); rinsed
2 cans of tomatoes (28 ozs); chopped


Mix together salt, chili (the ground and the powdered) and cumin then set them aside. Using Dutch oven, heat the oil then add chicken as well as sausage ’til chicken loses pink color. Lift chicken and sausage out using spoon with holes then set them aside.

Drop onion and garlic as well as half amounts of the cumin-chili mixture. Then cook on moderate flame for five minutes ’til onions starts to become soft. Add tomato (paste), 1 c broth, canned tomatoes with liquid, jalapeno, peppers and tomatillos.

Lower heat then add beans, chicken and sausage. Cook gradually for half an hour while covered partially. Add the rest of the cumin-chili mixture then cook for five minutes more while adding broth when needed.

Chicken Sausage Chili Recipe

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