Chicken In Lemon Grass & Chili Recipe

Chicken In Lemon Grass Chili Recipe


3 lbs of chicken; sliced into small pieces
4 cloves of garlic; peeled and sliced finely
1 pc of onion (large); Sliced into 1/2″ strips
3 Tbsps of oil (vegetable)
2 Tbsps of lemon grass; minced
1 Tbsp of caramel sauce
1 tsp of chilies (ground)
1 Tbsp of sugar (granulated)
1 c of water
4 Tbsp of sauce (Nuoc Mam)

For the Caramel Sauce:
1/2 c sugar
4 Tbsps of water
1/2 c of water


Fry onion and garlic on moderate flame with oil and salt ’til onion is translucent. Drop chili and lemon grass then fry 1-2 more minutes ’til fragrant. Put chicken then further cook ’til browned lightly.

Pour into mixture Nuoc Mam, caramel and sugar, mixing well. Pour 1 c water then continue cooking 45 more minutes ’til chicken becomes tender while stirring from time to time. Add water when needed.

To create the caramel, combine half-cup of sugar together with four Tbsps water using saucepan and boil on moderate heat ’til it changes color. Lower heat then simmer ’til brown before adding 1/2 c water. Stir ’til sugar has dissolved. Lift off from flame then store into sealed jar into refrigerator.

Chicken In Lemon Grass Chili Recipe

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