Chernobyl-Chili Recipe

Chernobyl-Chili Recipe


4 lbs of beef (ground)
3 pcs of onions (large); cubed
1/2 c of pepper (green); cubed
6 cloves of garlic; pressed
2 lbs of tomatoes (canned); crushed
1 lbs tomatoes (canned or fresh, whole); sliced
6 ozs of tomato paste
2.5 lbs of beans (kidney-shaped, light red in color, canned)
2 Tbsps of sugar (brown)
3 Tbsp of sugar (white)
4 Tbsp of chili (powdered)
2 tsp of monosodium glutamate (msg)
2 tsp of pepper (cayenne, red); crushed
1 tsp of pepper (black); ground
1 tsp of salt
3 Tbsp of grease (from bacon)
Beer or water (as needed)
Garlic powder (as needed)


Microwave garlic, pepper (green ), onions and meat around 15 mins with power set to full ’til meat turns brown. Drain liquid but reserve 1 – 2 cups. Break any large meat pieces.

Setting aside the tomato (paste), add the rest of the ingredients then cook once again (30 minutes, covered) with power set to full. Stir then taste then cook again (1 hour, uncovered) with 70%PRCTG% power. Stir then taste once again at half-hour intervals; pour water when needed.

Pour reserved liquid from meat as well as tomato (paste) into the meat mixture. Cook half an hour with 60%PRCTG% power while uncovered. Then stir as well as taste it.

This item is ready to serve. You can serve chili with hotdogs on rolls, flakes of pepper (red), oily hot chili, cubed onions, Tabasco and shredded cheese (Cheddar).

Chernobyl-Chili Recipe

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